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Channel Atlas FAQ

Channel Atlas matches small to medium-sized businesses with multimedia, sales and advertising services that can be easily scaled into deeper customer engagement solutions. Our neighborhood channels provide business owners with tools to test incremental, new strategies they can measure for customer interaction before and after targeted initiatives. Measured activities allow a business to know where they were before they started and how business opportunities improved.

A Neighborhood Channel is your unique business characteristics including offering, description and mode of communication. Your pre-determined area and audience means that a business owner can create a unique space to promote its product or service. Channel Atlas offers four starting Neighborhood Channel package tiers that make it easy to test deeper customer engagement results in:

Currently, we are growing the Seattle metro market, but are growing into Pacific Coast regions. Contact us if you’re interested in a similar service in an area outside of our home market and we can create a solution that offers a similar custom solution.

Yes. We’re eager for you to participate. Please sign-up and explore.