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Testimonials: The Love Hate Relationship
April 17, 2018
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In our last segment, we had a frank discussion about the mixed sentiment we commonly associate with testimonials. On the one hand, we know an effective testimonial is like capturing lightning in a bottle. Capture some good ones and it’ll light-up your marketing path. But, that’s just it. Can you you really create a system around consistently capturing solid testimonials? The good news is that you can and here’s how in a few short steps: 1) Know and ask your customers what you want them to say about your business; 2) Ask them to tell you about the pain they experienced before your solution relieved it; 3) Ask them to tell you what characteristics of your product or service captured their attention and exceeded their expectations; 4) Ask these questions in a chronological sequence that flows and makes sense so there’s no need to reassemble or modify it – except because it runs so long with compliments; Finally, create this formula and put it in a format that can be shared often and easily like a Word document, e-mail Q&A or web form you can send out. Testimonials shouldn’t escape your need to create a system for it. Processes are a good solution for this too.

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