Silver - Channel Atlas



Drive your message all the way down main street or any digital street, place it in front of your target audience, interact and achieve maximum interest. Keeping it local means, keeping it relative and timely to your online or offline audience. That’s what _____ Atlas helps you do. Pinpointing that audience on your desired neighborhood channel, at the right time means you can engage their attention, improve your conversion rate and shorten your sales funnel.

Our topic specific websites with information about businesses and organizations in your neighborhood. Real people and stories they can relate to from topic-specific media such as Athletic American, Hobby Season, Family Homes Today, Day At the Museum Sunday Cover Story.

Ad-specific publications, properties
Events and engagement
Social media leveraged
Newsletter/sms communication
Use a webinar to reach a specific audience
Low-risk introductory incentives
Online and off-line reach
Measurable in many ways
Promote it to the ideal audience and know that you did
Ask the right questions to measure how your offer is being received.