Solutions - Channel Atlas


Why Channel Atlas

Harness the power of multimedia tools, customer data, mobile commerce and the reach of your unique neighborhood niche and channel.

Your Story

With the targeting of a specific customer type, you are better able to create the content for a niche audience that is interested in you providing the product and/or the service they’re seeking. Because they’re searching for your solution you can use tools that are designed to be timely and effective in outlining what makes your business story stand out.

Your Niche

Channel Atlas allows you to use advanced digital media tools to pinpoint locate your service by geography and product/service specialty. Your neighborhood channel within Channel Atlas is ensured to increase visibility because of our mix of marketing included in your monthly service level package. During your onboarding session, a representative will guide you through the benefits.

The Neighborhood Channel

Your neighborhood channel places your message and service in front of a customer niche that is both online and offline. Channel Atlas gives you the power of digital media to reach that ideal customer and lifetime value. Some of those  channels include:

  • Video partners
  • Mobile media
  • CRM
  • Newsletters
  • Ecommerce
  • Live stream
  • SMS